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Darwin Del Fabro Interview with The Macoproject Film Festival

MACOPROJECT October 14, 2022

Darwin Del Fabro

Born and raised in Brazil, Darwin Del Fabro has made his mark in the entertainment industry and can now be seen new and exciting films like the Blumhouse Productions and John Logan-directed film They/Them starring Kevin Bacon. We chatted with Darwin about what drew him to the entertainment business and who inspires him in the film industry.

Full screen capture of Darwin Del Fabro's interview by Macofilm Project

First and foremost, congratulations on your new film They/Them, directed by John Logan and starring you, Kevin Bacon, Anna Chlumsky and so many other excellent and talented artists. As someone who enjoys acting, singing, and performing can you tell us what first drew you towards the entertainment industry?

DARWIN: What first drew me to making art was the example set by my family. My dad started as an actor and model and then got into directing. My stepmother also followed a similar path. That’s how they met: modeling in NYC. Their love story is part of my fascination with this city. I remember that since a very young age, I was surrounded by art, and I was enchanted by it. I started learning music when I was four and from there, I never considered doing anything else as a profession. I remember my family would always tell me, “It’s not what you want to be. It’s what you are.” And since I was four I knew that I was an artist.

Your acting career spans cinema, television, and extensive theatrical work. What is the difference between stage acting, show acting, and filmmaking and which is more nerve-racking?

DARWIN: I think each project is unique. Each character requires a different approach. In that way, I treat each new role as needing a new language. I felt this way even in my home country in my native language (Portuguese). Each project calls on a unique perspective, a different writer's voice, a new director's vision, etc. So, it can never be one single method for me. It's constantly changing. So, the artist is always adapting and learning something new. Which is good because nothing excites me more than a different and unique challenge.

Which role in your career has been your favorite thus far, and why?

DARWIN: That is my favorite question. I'm always growing as an artist, and each role has been important for me in a specific time of my life. It's always about learning something new, a new challenge, and the search for joy in every single one of them—That's why I need to love a story or team to be involved in a project. I can not give less than 100 percent of myself to a work that I'm involved in. So, to answer your question, all of them are pretty special, and I treat each one as if it was the first and last.

Was music something you always intended to be doing, or did it come later in your acting career?

DARWIN: I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a part of my life. I remember winning a singing competition at the age four. I always preferred songs that told a story. I think that explains my connection to musicals and acting, and then later on to solo albums and shows that tell my own story and unique point of view.

Are there any directors or films in particular that have influenced you throughout your career?

DARWIN: There are plenty—and they are all around the world. I always try to be diverse in my taste. I watch everything from everywhere. I choose America as my home base because there are a lot of directors here that I admire and I want to work with, but I love art in my home country as well. It’s always about different perspectives of the same world.


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