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Some great reviews.

"Darwin Del Fabro gave a truly astonishing performance as the androgynous young composer. His deeply moving exploration of the character’s tortured femininity and his creative and sexual yearnings is the stuff that launches a great career.

I was moved not only by Dominic but by the entire play." - Michael Miller (New York Arts)

"Rebecca Gibel and Darwin Del Fabro are outstanding in their roles. The audience feels the two characters, their fears as well as their unhappiness." - Robert Massimi (The Metropolitan Magazine)

"Del Fabro, a Brazilian actor now in New York, makes the greatest impression. He captures the conflicting emotions that Dominic feels as his consciousness becomes increasingly entangled with Dominique’s." - Mark Dundas Wood (Theater Scene)

"Gibel and Del Fabro skillfully embody the mix of confusion, pain, self-(re)discovery, and empowerment that marks the arcs of Dominique and Dominic as they bend towards convergence."- Leah Richards & John Ziegler (Culture Catch)


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